BTOB deliver fun & funk in “Movie,” whose star is a MV full of personality

BTOB are back at it again with a concept they excel the most at in “Movie,” despite what their numbers may tell you.

I love the return to a full on dance track and the funk influenced sound for BTOB, as this is definitely something the group can handle without any problem. I really liked their last comeback, but this is a lot less serious and a lot more fun. As soon as the beat and bass start things off in the first verse, this was a win for me.

However, that’s not to say the song is without flaws. The biggest of which lies within the chorus itself. As much as I adore BTOB’s vocal ability, it’s very apparent that the entire chorus is at the very top of their ranges. Even for those within BTOB who can reach those notes without strain, most of the chorus is yelped at us as they punch out belted note after belted note in phrasing that only emphasizes this. It is even more glaring in contrast with the first pre-chorus done in all falsetto. The contrast there is meant to enhance the drop back into the beat, causing an explosion of excitement for the chorus’s melody, but instead it only highlighted what I disliked about it.

Another issue is I wanted another verse like the opening verse. Instead, they felt the need to give Peniel lines again, which is whatever. Peniel’s parts for me are mostly harmless, but they don’t necessarily add anything, either. They just exist, and in this case, they existed in place of what could’ve been something that enhanced the song. They also already have two rappers in the group who, frankly, do a better job just in tone and flow alone. It just seemed unnecessary when the first verse was so strong.

With that said, the rest of the song carries strong enough to forgive the flaws and I found myself enjoying this regardless of the above criticism. The song could’ve been better, but thankfully, what the song lacked was made up for in a music video that fully showed off BTOB’s personality.

One of BTOB’s strengths is their fun loving boisterous personalities. The fact that this music video was able to show some of that while highlighting each member in their own way, AND show off choreography? Count me in.

“Movie” was refreshing to see from BTOB. While the song itself isn’t perfect, when paired with the music video it’s entertaining through and through. Plus, I really don’t know how anyone can dislike a song with kick-ass bass guitar.


“Movie” Song

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