Mina & BamBam allegedly dating, JYPE says they’re just “company colleagues”

A picture of TWICE‘s Mina and GOT7‘s BamBam together surfaced and it was enough to spark dating rumors. However, JYP Entertainment denied that and said the two are just “company colleagues”.

JYP Entertainment denied the rumors and stated, “It’s just a candid photo. The two of them are simply company colleagues. We will take strict action regarding defamation of our artists in relation to this matter.”

Nobody should care whether they are dating or not, but of course people will, so I’m curious by what the potential fallout will be.

You know, like from stans taking the L on saying it was photoshopped.



Then again, I do think it’s a valid point that if BamBam was indeed dating Mina, he’d leave such an extra paper trail behind it’d be obvious.



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