[Update] Jung Joong Ji of ‘Produce 101’ accused of sexual harassment, now with receipts

Produce 101‘ is already at comical levels of drama after the accusations made against Han Jong Yeon and Joo Hak Nyeon, as yet another contestant is getting accused of inappropriate behavior. This time it’s Jung Joong Ji, who got accused of sexually harassing his date by inappropriately touching her.


Yikes, if true.

Of course, the whole reason I recommend not immediately jumping to conclusions with these things is because there’s always ample opportunity for fabrication or embellishment when trainees or whoever goes public. It’s surprisingly frequent, so we shall see.

Anyway, my dude loves the bible.



Actually, according to this detailed explanation by Koreaboo, it seems like she provided legit receipts of him copping to it.

Here’s her describing what happened…

“We met up and ate. We decided to watch a movie. We booked middle seats in the middle row but he suggested we go to the ‘Sweet Box’ (couple’s seat where the two seats are joined together and it’s at the very back so no one can see what you’re doing). I felt uncomfortable so I suggested we just sit in the seats we booked. He kept touching my hand throughout the movie so I took my hand away but he put his hands on my thigh. I told him multiple times to stop and even removed his hands myself. He kept caressing my thighs, I got angry so I sent him a direct message when I got home.”

…and here’s his last message to her, apologizing extra as hell.

“Sorry for making up excuses, I won’t contact you again, I’m sorry [victim’s name] I keep saying sorry but I really am sorry. Please forgive a pervert like me, I believe in God so please forgive me I won’t do it again.. I’m really sorry, I’m continuing to repent, I’m sorry [victim’s name].. I’ll pray you continue to be well Thanks for everything.”

There’s stuff between that, including checking into the validity of her receipts, so you should go read it if you want the whole picture. But from what I can see that’s definitely him apologizing for trying to continually cop a feel despite her telling him to knock it off. Probably about as solid evidence as you’re gonna get in a case like this.


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