Iron says girlfriend requested to be beaten, claims self-defense

Following the news that Iron had been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting and beating/choking his girlfriend, he did an interview to give his side of the story. Specifically, he says she asked him to assault her.

“Since the reports are being published based on her statements only, I want to tell you exactly what happened. I first met this girl because of a photo shoot for my album. She was the model for my album. The biggest problem with this girl is that she was a masochist. She only received sexual pleasure from these fetish behaviors. I was very surprised at first. She always asked for me to beat her and said she was only satisfied when I [beat her]. The injuries weren’t the result of a physical assault. They were the result of my justified self-defense in the face of her merciless violence. I was scared at seeing her like that and I broke up with her after finding out she had another boyfriend. She was once my lover but I knew how skewed her point of view was. I became very afraid after getting to know her. I have never threatened or used violence on a woman. I am not a perfect person but I have never harmed anyone with evil intentions.”

I mean, we should wait to see what comes out in trial and all that, but I gotta say … this better be true, because otherwise he’s literally saying about a victim that she was asking for it.



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