Hwayoung claims “shampoo” was aegyo, staff say that’s a lie & she swore at them as well

Following Kim Woori‘s accusations of Hwayoung calling stylists “shampoo” in a disrespectful way and then subsequently calling him a liar on Instagram, her company did apparently hold that emergency meeting she alluded to. As a result of that meeting, the best excuse they could come up with was that she did call them “shampoo”, but did it in a cute/aegyo way.


Well that lasted about a hot second before Dispatch released an article defending what Kim Woori said as the truth, saying that they interviewed two former T-ara staff, who confirmed that Hwayoung disrespectfully called them “shampoo”. Not only that, but they also said Hwayoung swore at them, and it got to the point where one staff tried to resign over her attitude.



Look, at this point there’s nothing anybody can say that drags Hwayoung more than what Hwayoung says. All she had to do was keep the status quo on ‘Taxi. All she had to do was not pop off at netizens. All she had to do was not dig through years of photos just so she could call a stylist names on Instagram (now deleted, by the way).

But no, she just can’t stop.

Shit is Christmas.


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