[Update] MBKE says T-ara’s comeback will be their last, then says they’re negotiating

T-ara are making a comeback as a group soon, but according to MBK Entertainment, it will be their last.

According to their management company MBK Entertainment, “T-ara will come back this May. Since their contracts expire in May, this will be their last album together as a group.”

After the release of this last album, they will finish off the rest of their schedules in Korea and abroad. While their promotions as a group will come to an end in June, their further activities will be discussed between the members and their management company.

While it’s definitely possible that T-ara will be done after this comeback, it does seem a bit unbelievable that they would disband as they’re gaining momentum in Korea again. As such, I’ll just be in denial assume Kim Kwang Soo is being a piece of shit troll again.


Get the eggs ready.


T-ara lost their determination to troll after the turnaround.



Actually, MBKE now says they’re still negotiating with T-ara.

On March 16, a source from MBK Entertainment stated, “T-ara’s contract with the agency expires in May. We are currently discussing contract renewals with the members.”

However, they seem pessimistic that the entire group will remain.

A source stated, “Although we are currently discussing contract renewals, it is most likely that this will be T-ara’s last album release as a whole group.”

Still, there’s hope at least.



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