MBKE now say that T-ara will not disband, but different contract length or … something

After initially saying that T-ara would be done after their next comeback, and then correcting to say that they are still discussing contracts but that it was “most likely” members would be leaving, MBK Entertainment are now clarifying that T-ara will not be disbanding. However, each member’s contract is different and basically they don’t expect them all to stay.

On March 16, MBK Entertainment released an official press statement, saying, “Girl group T-ara will be finishing up their activities by releasing their last album as a whole group in May. The time frame of each member’s contract is different, but they will not be disbanding.”

Dispatch has added that the contracts basically end in July and MBKE told them T-ara won’t even begin contract renewals until after this promotional cycle, which conflicts with a previous report.



What is going on? Fuckery by MBKE and Kim Kwang Soo is what’s going on.


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