Jisoo identifies with antagonist from ‘Split’, extorts pics from fans, gives elite smirk

Jisoo being a bit out there has always been her appeal to me, but maybe we should actually be concerned for BLACKPINK‘s safety?

You see, recently she saw ‘Split‘ with Lisa, and her main takeaway appeared to be how much she could identify with the antagonist in the film.

Jisoo “joked” about her fans giving her their pictures in letters and they did it.

Also, her adventures with animals continued, as she discovered a rabbit on the moon.

And while she still hates rabbits, she hates hares even more. Mountain squirrels are acceptable, though.

Not to worry about the lovefest, as she gets back to hating on animals, complaining about pigeons and doves.

Most importantly, we have these pictures:

That is the last thing the other BLACKPINK members are gonna see before they die.


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