Sulli & G-Dragon not dating (obviously), though Dispatch linked her to somebody else

While it would’ve been hilarious if it was reality, Sulli and G-Dragon are not dating, which was confirmed by both YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment.

YG Entertainment clarified, “We personally asked G-Dragon, and he said, as he laughed, that the rumors are false and make no sense.”

Sulli’s agency SM Entertainment also stated that the rumors are false.

That seemed rather obvious and the evidence was shoddy as hell anyway.


In fact, Dispatch has actually recently attached Sulli to this guy, saying the photos are from Valentine’s Day, which Sulli spent with her friends in a restaurant in Itaewon.

But given the fact that she was with friends and that the pictures look far more platonic than stuff she’s posted herself on Instagram, this seems like a reach.


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