YG Entertainment is never getting criticized on Naver again

Naver will become the second-largest shareholder in YG Entertainment after investing ~$44 million for a 10% stake in the company. Naver will also launch a private equity fund with YGE to the tune of another ~$44 million.

YG Entertainment will receive a ₩50 billion KRW ($44.2 million USD) investment from Naver for 10% stake in the entertainment company. The investment will make Naver the second largest shareholder in YG Entertainment, after founder Yang Hyun-suk who owns 19.07%. In addition, Naver will be launching a new private equity fund with YG Entertainment to invest in companies related to lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, entertainment and the food & beverage sector. The new fund will receive another ₩50 billion KRW ($44.2 million USD) to invest in these companies.

In other words, we can expect to see stories that YGE doesn’t like to get deleted with the quickness, as well as unending media play articles for YGE.



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