Asian Junkie recognized as credible, reliable journalism by JoongAng Ilbo

Hello peasants and inferior media outlets, I am here to let you know that JoongAng Ilbo, one of the big three newspapers in Korea, has come to recognize the journalistic integrity and credibility of Asian Junkie and the tireless reporting of me, IATFB.

Yes, that is a screencap of a screencap of my tweet on JYP Entertainment removing the Wonder Girls poster from their building. I am relieved that these outlets source their articles from such reliable publications such as Asian Junkie.


One could argue this still doesn’t top my reporting on Tzuyu encouraging sexually promiscuous women to remove their clothing items that was picked up by The Korea Herald and caused an international incident.

Regardless, this just goes to show why you should turn to Asian Junkie for the best journalism anywhere. Me not winning the Pulitzer Prize is like ‘The Wire‘ not winning the Emmys.


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