Rap Monster & Wale’s collab is actually here and actually quality in “Change”

Rap Monster‘s collab with Wale came about thanks in part to the BTS fandom, and “Change” definitely made the effort worthwhile.

Given that this entire thing started four months ago, and Wale was only in Korea just recently, “Change” was definitely put together rather quickly. There’s evidence of that in the music video, which is well-produced and well-shot, but one that understandably kept things to the bare bones. Similarly, there isn’t much imaginative or original going on sonically, but it had a nice laidback atmosphere and a thumping beat that didn’t let things get too tired.

The worry with these kinds of collabs is that they’ll come out sounding like two individuals forced together on a track instead of a cohesive effort, but for as many barriers as there were for this, “Change” is surprisingly fluid between the two. Wale actually puts effort into this, unlike a lot of American cameos or features on the songs of Asian artists, and the amount of shout outs in his lyrics was kind of amazing. Rap Monster acquits himself in English well (slurs a bit still), with his flow a bit more cautious, but different in a way that doesn’t impact quality.

Even not grading on a curve for both the East/West collab and the time period this was put together, I was impressed by “Change.” The message is quality, it’s a cohesive effort, and the replayability is high due to the easy-listening nature of it. It’s not the most addictive chorus or complicated sound, but I felt the execution made it stand out nevertheless.


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Thot Leader™