KARD coming to Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles in May 2017, which seems sudden

SubKulture Entertainment has announced that KARD will be having its first tour of America in May of 2017, hitting up Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles.

Ideally, by May they’ll have three singles and a mini-album out, and they’ll likely do a bunch of covers and what not.


Still, I’m … surprised by how quickly DSP Media seems to be just pushing them overseas. Yes, they can make money on international fans and one way or another monetizing us will prolong their careers, but in order to be successful idols they need popularity in Korea (or Asia), and it would seem smarter to focus promotions there initially as international fans will always be around to throw money at KARD.

Apprehension aside, I’m glad BM gets to fulfill his dream of performing in his hometown.


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