SEVENTEEN allegedly told the truth to a fan and/or were joking around … the horror

A SEVENTEEN fan shared notes that she supposedly obtained from a SEVENTEEN fanmeeting, which netizens proceeded to get all buttblasted about, saying it shows SEVENTEEN’s rude behavior to a known fan.

On the post-it note is a question to the members, asking, “What am I to you?Seungkwan wrote, referring to the fans supporting them financially, “My bread and butter.” Then S.Coups and Wonwoo both replied that they know her as a Woozi fan.

And … yeah, actually that’s it. People on Pann are either self-owning themselves by getting mad, or are those annoying cunt dudes talking about how all the fans are ATMs and all that stupid shit.

In reality, at worst, SEVENTEEN just spit truth to a fan. And most likely they were just fucking around with a fan they see all the time.

K-pop is amazing.


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