Dreamcatcher won’t let us catch our breath with new comeback image teasers

Dreamcatcher have released teaser images for their next comeback, which we can guess is being released (or further teased?) on April 5th at 6 PM according to their official Instagram.

0405 1800 #드림캐쳐 #Dreamcatcher

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We don’t have any indication of what the title track will be, but color me psyched.

There are two distinctly different themes for these images, what Happy Face Entertainment are calling “white” and “black” versions. I can already see the comments about them ditching their debut concept, but keep in mind that they did ‘opposite’ image concept photos for their debut as well.

Prior to the actual concept photos for “Chase Me,” they released “Day” and “Night” teaser images, the former being similarly “innocent” looking photos of the girls in all white. Based on that, this appears to be a continuation of the same pattern. (Proof that Devilcatcher are continuing to draw inspiration from their other half, God-Friend.)

If true, hopefully this means we can anticipate more individual concept images once the title track is officially announced.

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