SXSW 2017: Hyolyn definitely brought the heat to ‘K-Pop Night Out’

In person, Hyolyn seems like a tiny fluttering butterfly, who also just happens to be a giant star that dominates any stage she steps foot on. She’s successfully churned out a solo career apart from her group, SISTAR, and she doesn’t hesitate to take chances on collaborations and tracks that seem to always work in her best interest.

As the second headliner of ‘K-Pop Night Out,’ she didn’t hesitate to blow the roof off of the venue as she sang live and danced hard to some of her hottest tracks. Speaking of hot … can we take a moment to talk about the fact that she is absolutely beautiful up close?! Like shockingly gorgeous. We look at Hyolyn and see beauty and poise mixed with urban funk and individuality. She was beautifully sun-kissed in her baby yellow peasant-ruffle crop top, black booty shorts, and decoratively-chained black stiletto heels. Hyolyn’s torso tattoo blatantly visible as a giant ornate cross etched into her perfect skin. All that melanin and fire mixed with a brilliant smile and adorable, tinkling laugh.

After a short delay, Hyolyn finally stepped on stage, followed by Honey J and Gaga from the now famous dance troupe Purplow. Hyolyn’s welcoming voice enticed the crowd with a high pitched “HIIIII!!!” and then the show began.

Hyolyn didn’t hesitate to show her talent off as she popped and danced across the stage. Her dancers twerked in unison, all bad-ass curves and boots, while her voice was deceptively strong as she belted out a collection of songs such as “Love Like This,” “Ma Boy,” and “One Way Love.”

The crowd was going absolutely nuts, singing along with her and making her laugh as they danced and partied to her hits. She also danced and sang to “Umbrella” and grooved to various collabs and mixes. All the while, she was mesmerizing the crowd with her swinging hips and flying golden blonde hair.

Hyolyn was definitely a highlight of the night, a vast contrast to the bubble-gum innocence that would headline the show. She’s a force to be reckoned with, one that just might outlast her own group. If you get the chance to see her live, be sure to do it! And prepare for the heat because damn does she bring it!

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