BGA bless us with song and music video of the year in “Who’s It Gonna Be”

After making us wait far too long and then teasing us for far too long, BGA has graced us with the song of the year in “Who’s It Gonna Be.”

Not only did they give us the song of the year, with this emotional bop about their group struggles, but they gave us a 10-minute (that sweet sweet YouTube money) music video to boot.

As they explained, BGA Army is no more thanks to Behind The Scenes BTS fans bullying oppars, so now we’re all K-Poopers.

Most importantly, and not even in a joking way, when is this going to be the ‘Produce 101‘ theme song? It’s absolutely perfect.

Who’s it gonna be? Who’s it gonna be? Who’s gonna break out, leave the rest to bleed?


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