Heechul as a trainee in SM Entertainment was about what you would expect

Heechul of Super Junior was a guest on ‘Happy Together‘ recently, and he basically revealed that he was himself but even more immature as a trainee.

While confessing that he was quite the rebel in the past, he said, “When I was 20 years old, I came to Seoul from Gangwon Province. I listened to music every day. I was listening to Kiss’s music, when the teacher said, ‘I told you not to listen to that. I told you to study up while listening to Linkin Park.’ I said, ‘Listen. Rock can’t be learned by studying.’” He revealed that this got him into trouble, and the teacher had said, “Don’t talk back to me. Write me a letter of apology.” Heechul recalled that he wrote a letter that said, “I’m not sorry about anything but I’m writing this because you told me to.” He also said, “I got suspended from practice a lot. They’d say, ‘Don’t come for a while,’ and I’d say, ‘Fine!’ I used to live with Donghae and Yunho at the time, and they would ask, ‘Is it okay that you’re not going to practice?’ I replied, ‘They’ll find me when they need me.’” He added while blushing, “I’m so embarrassed now thinking about it.”

So basically, this was Heechul as a trainee.


Seriously though, given what we know about K-pop companies, it’s amazing he wasn’t booted at some point. But I guess SME knew what they had in the end.


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