f(x)’s Amber is mad online about something yet again


Amber has never been shy about speaking out when she feels she’s been wronged, and she did so again recently, likely complaining about her treatment from SM Entertainment. This time the message is a lot more specific, but it doesn’t change her situation.

Honestly, it’s understandable to sympathize with the frustration, and I have in the past, but I truly don’t understand what is expected here. I’m the last person to take the side of the company in a dispute with an idol, but the primary reason she’s still with SME is to be an f(x) member. That is her value to them. Her willingness and ability to do stuff on her own is admirable, but the fact remains that she isn’t that popular, didn’t sell well when given the chance, and SME is not a charity.

Like seriously, if she wants to get releases for all the stuff she’s supposedly doing (more than she’s already got, which hasn’t been nothing), then why re-sign with SME to begin with? She should’ve gone indie and then she’s free to do whatever she wants. Of course, her relevancy would go down, f(x) fans might be upset, and she’ll be responsible for making sure she can turn a profit, but that’s the trade-off, right? That’s a quick way to find out if you are in fact good enough.

International fans get upset when you point this out, but the reality is that if they were as dedicated to buying her shit as they are to whining on social media and posting messages of support, this wouldn’t be an issue to begin with.


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