T-ara rumored to reunite as 6 after all their MBKE contracts expire

A fansite for Soyeon posted recently asking fans of T-ara if they trust the group or MBK Entertainment.


The inference here being that MBKE is behind the split of the six, not the girls themselves not wanting to continue as a group any longer. The admin of the fansite was more direct about the message on their personal account.

Normally I would be skeptical about this, but the fansite is one of those that has been in direct communication with the idol, so it adds credibility to any claims. So does the fact that Soyeon, Boram, Hyomin, and Jiyeon all liked the picture posted on Instagram.



That kind of explains the posted and then deleted shot of the six of their hands united as a group before the news broke that two members would be leaving.

All of this is just speculation, of course, but the puzzle pieces seem to fit for now. My feeling (guess) is that if they do reunite they’re going to end up with Banana Plan, who have been distributing for T-ara for over a year now anyway (and the CEO is basically the ultimate T-ara stan). Guess we’ll see in 2018.


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