Girl’s Day are a mess on ‘Three Great Kings’, ‘Happy Together’, ‘Knowing Bros’

In order to promote their recent comeback with “I’ll Be Yours,” Girl’s Day have been guests on a number of variety shows, including ‘Three Great Kings‘, ‘Happy Together‘, and ‘Knowing Bros‘. Things were … well, predictably a mess.


I figured it would be hardest for them to be messy on ‘Three Great Kings’ (episode here) since it was basically them being fed, likely after a “diet” consisting mainly of starvation, and while that was true, we still got to see Yura‘s deboning tongue action and Hyeri doing … some shit.

Also, Hyeri showing how she gave Tony An the succ.

Meanwhile, Sojin is just too old for this shit.

She looks great for 65, though.


‘Happy Together’ wasn’t the whole group, but it was Hyeri and Yura, along with Hani, Sejeong, and Somi, which was about as good as you imagine (episode here).

They were supposed to have to guess who was behind each screen, but the easiest to identify was Hyeri, basically because she’s nuts.

Hyeri also outed Jun Hyun Moo was wanting to “install lights” for her.

Yura, meanwhile, told the story about how she used to tease the boys cause she was an attention whore, basically.

I expected Hyeri and Hani to be the ones who got along, but actually it ended up being Yura and Hani bonding over their collective oddness.


The star, of course, was ‘Knowing Bros’ and it delivered (episode here).

Before Girl’s Day’s arrival, they all talked about not wanting to insult Kim Young Chul‘s absence after they passed 5% ratings. That lasted quite a while…

…about literally one second.

Things started off strong with Girl’s Day “energizing” the class, and them immediately launching into Sojin age jokes, which are my shit.

Kang Ho Dong, meanwhile, made Minah do the flapping dance, much to her chagrin.

Then later owned her soul.

The smoking jokes were back, of course, but they just wanted to make sure Girl’s Day weren’t disrespecting them.

But at least Heechul is keeping Minah’s smoking secret safe.

One of the best segments was them guessing Hyeri’s nickname, which quickly devolved into making a bunch of nose puns (‘ko’ is nose in Korean).

‘Cho-ko-chip ko-ki’, Heechul is a genius.

They also did karaoke, covering songs like Fin.K.L‘s “To My Boyfriend“…

…and 2NE1‘s “I Don’t Care“, which they cut.

Why cut that, right? 2NE1 is far more popular and relevant today … but I think at some point they probably mentioned Park Bom and JTBC didn’t want to risk it, which is kinda shitty but telling.

Most importantly, I’m taking this as a direct diss to me from ‘Knowing Bros’.

What the fuck, guys?


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