‘Produce 101’ now allegedly threatening trainees, Mnet says they did it for their sakes

After it leaked out that Mnet was being extra about the A through F grading system, instead of doing anything reasonable to fix it, they allegedly went ahead and threatened the trainees.

A recent report says the staff of the show went around telling trainees in the F class to only “Talk once you understand the facts!”, went around asking “Who got to freely mix their rice with their pork stir-fry?”, and questioning “Why are you talking to outsiders?”

In response, Mnet says that now they’re moving the boys by their performance groups instead of grades and that they just wanted to reduce the misunderstandings by talking it over.

“Since the trainees all belong to different management companies, we wanted to make sure that we reduced the amount of misunderstanding as much as possible while communicating. At the beginning of the program and before any articles were published, we asked the trainees to have an accurate grasp of the situation before communicating with anyone outside.” They also said, “The cast and staff are all working as hard as they can to make this a good show. We just hope that inaccurate communication will not make all of our efforts a waste.”

“You don’t understand … the threats … the threats were for YOU!”

It’s kinda hilarious/worrisome how they don’t even really bother denying this shady shit, just “clarify” things.


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