Cube is going to give us Trouble Maker with HyunA … but not really

HyunA is going to be making a comeback as Trouble Maker … but apparently not actually as Trouble Maker since Hyunseung won’t be involved.

On March 29th according to music industry officials, HyunA will be part of a new project group in May following her previous project group Trouble Maker that was with Jang Hyunseung from BEAST. A songwriter has stated that this new unit will come four years from the last unit that HyunA has been part of, it will be featuring an artist from CUBE as well.

So Cube Entertainment are apparently going to take one of the only popular things they have left (Trouble Maker’s last single still charted #1) and break that up as well? What the fuck else is Hyunseung doing?

Oh god, this is gonna be to promote one of their nugu boy group artists isn’t it?


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