Sejeong gets real about her smiley persona, molesting Somi exposed, imitates plushies

Sejeong was a guest on an episode of ‘Talking Street‘, where she got real for a bit on her happy-go-lucky image and how that originally developed as a coping mechanism.

Shifting gears to the other end of the spectrum, she was also a guest on ‘Happy Together‘, where she talked about being a pervert and molesting Somi.

She also talked about how her and Hani get compared, citing an example of her observing Hani’s eating habits.

And unfortunately, not even the leader of the Nuguettes can escape nugudom, as shown by Park Myung Soo.

That’s hit of the year, “A Girl Like Me,” bitch.


Speaking of her smiley image, here’s her imitating a bunch of plushies.

My Nugudan insults are backfiring. I’ve played myself.


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