Mnet has a new show to exploit Korea’s desperate & delusional youth in ‘Idol School’

Mnet are continuing their everlasting quest to exploit as many of Korea’s desperate and delusional children with ‘Idol School,’ a program scheduled to air in July.

Just by the teaser video alone, you can tell this is gonna be like literally military boot camp for idols.

So what makes this different from the rest? Well they are going to be focusing more on potential ability than current ability, so like in the Japanese idol system, the appeal will undoubtedly be watching them progress (what’s the odds they came up with this idea after Sohye blew up?). They say this will allow anybody with dreams to participate, and either they’re lying or this ends up as a nugu mess.

As for the show, the “students” will train for 11 weeks before taking an “exam” and the top scoring individuals will debut as a new girl group.


If that’s wasn’t enough, the Instagram account they’re using for ‘Idol School’ is just Tiffany‘s ‘Heart A Tag‘ show account repurposed.



Anyway, at the rate this is going, we’re going to have ‘Fetus 101’ by 2020.


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