BAND-MAID brings actual rock with high energy hit, “Secret My Lips”

BAND-MAID‘s music video for “Secret My Lips” is a recording of one of their concerts, and the raucous atmosphere definitely matches the song.

The edge of this effort was definitely appreciated, and it ran counter to my expectations of something scaled back a bit for mainstream appeal. Instead it was rather constant loudness, and the guitar solo in particular was great because it basically summed up the general tone of the track, with the contrast between their image and what they’re doing widening by the second. That said, it’s not all noise, as the a capella vocal section was an effective use of silence to emphasize all the chaos that surrounded it.

“Secret My Lips” is definitely an uptempo, high energy rock track, and while it sounds funny to say about a song like this, it’s quite an easy listen. It’s something you can just put on without much thought and enjoy it from start to finish, which makes for a highly replayable jam. I loved this and look forward to more from them.


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