Sulli & Hara kiss while wearing couple shirt, netizens mad but so close to a revelation

Yesterday was Sulli‘s birthday, and to celebrate she had a party and went on Instagram Live for a bit with Hara. While on, they did their thing, including amusing themselves by inhaling helium and shit like that.

Of course, the main thing people will want to talk about is Sulli and Hara putting on a couple shirt and then kissing each other, which happens at around 8:05.

But apparently that hasn’t even reached netizens yet, as they are mad about picture of Sulli licking icing on cake.

I have to thank them for that, though, because otherwise we wouldn’t get this glorious comment.

But is doing nothing, eating, and acting however you want really “living the life” though?

This is basically my life goal.

It’s also like … so close to becoming aware, but yet so far.

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