Oh My Girl’s “Coloring Book” derailed by the constant sound of farting brass

Oh My Girl have returned with “Coloring Book“, which aims to be as light and fluffy as the title would make it sound.

For such a pleasant song, it was a bizarre choice to have what sounds like guttural farts feature so prominently for much of the instrumental. I’m not exactly sure what brass instrument it is — sousaphone or a french horn seem like the best bets — but it sonically dominates the track and contrasts so sharply with the otherwise peppy and fun “Coloring Book”.

It’s sort of a shame, because the foundation is there for a solid effort thanks to a driving beat and the cheerleader-esque shouts keeping things moving along swiftly until a fairly catchy hook. However, I can’t get that terrible brass sound out of my head, and it really felt like a decent melody couldn’t be found anywhere.

The music video didn’t help them much either, as it was a rather paint-by-number effort and didn’t do much to make the girls standout or compliment the music. That’s of particular surprise since they’ve been able to excel in this area previously.


Oh My Girl has been hit or miss for me in their careers, but when they’ve hit, they’ve hit big and the misses haven’t been far off. Unfortunately, this was one of the few complete misfires in their discography, with a release that was lacking even if we were to exclude its fatal droning brass flaw.



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