Fan creeps G-Friend out by using hidden camera glasses, SinB gives him the mean mug

At a recent fanmeeting, a G-Friend fan wore glasses with a hidden camera in them for … well, reasons unknown. Understandably though, some found this rather creepy, as did the G-Friend members themselves.

Yuju was the first to figure this out, and she whispered to Sowon about it. Then Yerin actually called him out later, even inspecting the glasses, and informed their manager about it.

Another manager also told SinB what was going on, and Yerin proceeded to point him out, which led to SinB and her inability to hide her emotion through facial expressions.

The whole Yerin/SinB exchange with the fan is here:


This is becoming a rather viral issue in Korea with one tweet reaching 40,000 retweets and it’s becoming a popular search term as well.

Obviously taking pics and vids at these events are permitted, but usually not up on stage, which is why his glasses were confiscated. And while it certainly doesn’t seem to me he did this for any perverted reason, stuff like this is always gonna come off creepy.


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