WINNER’s “Fool” caps off their comeback with a filler effort dedicated to fans

Really Really” already made WINNER‘s comeback a success in my book, but they had double title tracks and released a music video for “Fool” as well.

Of course, after a fun and lively dance track, WINNER just had to make one of those emotional breakup songs that’s about a woman but is really dedicated to their fans because their fans are their true love interests, you guys.

I’ve enjoyed WINNER’s slower-paced songs before, like with “Baby Baby, but “Fool” didn’t make me feel much of anything. The best chance for this to potentially grow on me is the drawn out “fool” in the chorus with added ‘ooh oohs’, which is definitely a highlight, but even Mino in what looks like Fabio‘s wardrobe from the 90s couldn’t invoke much of a response from me for the most part.

It’s understandable for fans to enjoy it, as there’s nothing necessarily bad about the track, but that’s because it’s almost purposefully inoffensive. For the most part it’s just there, and if it wasn’t a title track it would easily slot in as one of those low-key filler songs that’s made to make fans feel their feels but is rather unremarkable to most others, which is how I feel about this.



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