Taeyeon’s “Make Me Love You” is a particularly bland & dated R&B effort

Taeyeon successfully released her album ‘My Voice‘ at the end of February, but is back now with a deluxe edition and additional songs, the lead of which is “Make Me Love You“.

While I enjoyed her sound on songs like I and Why, this comes off as particularly bland, and it had little to do with the pacing. “Make Me Love You” starts by repeating the title in a disaffected, zombie-esque manner and doesn’t really go anywhere from there. While I get that part of that may be for artistic reasons, it unfortunately doesn’t make the song any more enjoyable, and the verses only carry that feeling over at an even slower pacing.

The weird part is that there isn’t even much room for lovers of vocal wanking here as “Make Me Love You” never even really hits a crescendo like her other releases. Usually the pre-chorus build in Taeyeon’s singles lead to an epic-sounding vocal performance, and whether you like it or not it usually grabs your attention. This opts for what sounds like an attempt at sultry R&B, but comes off as a rather static letdown instead.

“Make Me Love You” seems like it belongs on an OST, and I mean it in the way that it could be played in the background over a scene where you’re supposed to be focusing on a character development montage instead of the song. As the music video is just basic shots of her singing and looking pensive in random rooms, there just wasn’t a whole lot about this for me to enjoy. The weird thing is that I actually think her album ‘My Voice’ is great (even changed my mind on “I Got Love“), but the choices of Fine and “Make Me Love You” is odd since they are among the least interesting and most dated tracks she has to offer.



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