Dreamcatcher continue to excel with their metal pop sound on “Good Night”

After a successful reboot of their group with “Chase Me, questions remains about whether Dreamcatcher‘s company were actually fully committed to the thing we lovingly dubbed ‘Satanic G-Friend’. Well, if “Good Night” was the response to those questions, then they left little doubt by dropping a single that went even harder than their debut.

Metal rock and K-pop girl groups are an unlikely fit, but the combination ends up fitting Dreamcatcher perfectly on “Good Night.” The electric guitar riffs and drums obviously dominate the instrumental, providing a never-ending source of energy and a sound that’s hard not to bob your head to. At times accelerating to a breakneck pace with freewheeling guitar riffs, there were also minimalist sections that relied on the occasional percussion hit along with a flurry of strums, which helped create a diverse sound and directly answered a concern that things would just blend together into a giant mound of noise.

Plus, that addition and subtraction of volume and pace throughout helped craft a pop hit for an idol group despite the genre clash, because it allowed space for more traditional pop vocals to thrive over a metal sound. Then again, as they proved on the chorus, Dreamcatcher didn’t exactly shy away from singing over noise either. They thankfully didn’t tone things down for the chorus or get away from the metal influence, instead powering through and developing a hook of sorts with “oh baby, run run run”, which is the section that got buried in my head.

From the music box opening to the abrupt end that keeps you wanting more, there just wasn’t a whole lot I didn’t enjoy on this. Even the quasi-rap and vocal bridge sections always seemed to at least be building to something, and were always immediately cashed in with the restarting of the harder chorus instrumental.

While the sound itself is not necessarily unique to music (not much is), it is definitely a breath of fresh air to get this feel from a girl group in K-pop. More than any originality points though, the most important thing is that they crafted a quality song out of the hybrid sound, and it’s one that’ll be on repeat for me.


Not only did they continue with a similar concept from “Chase Me”, but the music video plot has continuity as well, which again works fine with me cause it keeps with the creepy trend.

They also kept up to par with the Satan/demon summoning allusions.

Also angry women who want to slit your throat. My fetish.

The only thing I’m mad about is the removal of the intro choreo, which was amazing, and in it they continued to live up to the ‘Satanic G-Friend’ moniker. The choreography was quite the display, showcasing appropriately creepy, possessed moves and synchronization.


While the music is reminiscent of BABYMETAL, the hand motions applied in the choreography reminded me of what E-Girls usually excel at, and it was a nice twist to see it in K-pop for once.

Also, uh, K-pop disaster girl has arrived.

The music video does exactly what it’s supposed to do in complimenting and enhancing the song through setting a visual atmosphere and tone, as well as just being generally entertaining on its own thanks to their feminine power choreo … but from Hell.


So it’s not exactly a secret at this point that I loved Dreamcatcher’s comeback with “Good Night.” From the song to the music video to the hybrid concept itself, this was about as successful as could be to my tastes, and I just hope others feel the same way.

Quite frankly, that’s actually my main concern at this point. I’m totally down if they continue this concept, style of music, and direction of music video, but I’m worried that others might not be. Still, I’m hopeful that others will come around eventually and give Dreamcatcher the attention and props they deserve.



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