INX fails to distinguish themselves with generic “2GETHER”

Rookie boy group INX debuted last August with the promising Alright, opting for a classic synth sound that helped them stand out. Unfortunately, they went pretty silent shortly after. In this day and age, rookies need to be a near constant presence, utilizing social media, V Live, YouTube, and any other outlet they can find to keep their name out there. Because of INX’s limited amount of exposure, new single “2GETHER” arrives with no fanfare. Everything rests on the song’s quality, and that’s a tall order.

The problem isn’t that “2GETHER” is bad. The problem is that it’s cripplingly generic. The song sounds every bit as budget-conscious as you’d expect from an under-the-radar group, lacking the type of aural fireworks that might set it apart from everything else. The instrumental pulls in trendy tropical elements, but they’re so incorporated into the straightforward synth dance beat that they lose their potency. The track plays with tempo, moving between its propulsive chorus and more measured verses, but none of it feels dynamic. Every move seems to be lifted from more successful groups, making it difficult to distinguish INX’s personal style — if they have one.

The chorus’s punchy melody has potential, but it never really goes anywhere. What could have been a soaring refrain opts to play it safe instead. A dose of layering or harmonies or even background vocals could have given the track the added oomph it needs. As it stands, the energy is just not there. And without that addictive pull, it’s hard to get immersed in the song’s charms. I’m not sure where INX goes from here, but I have my fingers crossed for a rebound.

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