Indie Focus: Soma fits the feeling of emotional magic into ‘Somablu’

It was a music video that brought Soma to my attention. I believe it was first the visuals, then the vocals. At the time I was listening to a lot of CIFIKA and JVCKI WAI, and Somablu reminded me of it a bit. I wouldn’t place the EP solely in R&B, but a mix between electronic accompaniment with vocals that would easily live in the R&B genre. It’s a mixture that helps push the vocals to a higher level.


Dive” sounds like slow sex. That might be a strange way to describe a song, but everything about the track has a purpose. The slow tempo makes you take your time, the vocals pour over your ears and throughout your body, and the instrumentals basically have their way with you. It’s only a four-minute song, but feels like wave after wave of sound. “LIE” featuring Hanscur focuses on keyboard chords and a drum beat. The vocals feel like they’re fighting with the instrumentals for what should be noticed.

Midnight In Paris” doesn’t fit the mold that the previous songs made, but might be the best single. It’s a mix between jazz, R&B, and electronic music. Each measure of the song works to create a compelling audio world that feels like you’re in a bar hearing it live. Closing ‘Somablue‘ is “Pale Blue,” which follows “Dive” and “LIE” with the use of a slow tempo and more wandering vocals.


Not knowing Soma before hearing ‘Somablu,’ I’m glad I listened to the EP, as it’s got a lot of magic that people will enjoy. The EP might be a little short with five tracks, but the emotion that comes from the recordings are some of the best.


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