Fans mad at JYPE cause people showed up at an airport unprompted to meet TWICE

TWICE‘s official Twitter posted that TWICE would be travelling to Helsinki, Finland in relation to ‘TWICE TV‘, and people got extremely excited about it.

What they didn’t say, however, is anything about activities there or asking TWICE fans to come to the airport. It was just a picture of an airplane ticket. Well, fans got extra and showed up in droves anyway.

Later it was revealed that it was actually just a stopover as they caught a connecting flight to Zurich, Switzerland.

This led to people, who may or may not have been prompted by certain sites, to form some kind of angry mob against JYP Entertainment for screwing over these TWICE stans, even though nothing of the sort happened. The only thing JYPE did was post a picture of a plane ticket, the fans invented the rest of whatever people are whining about.


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