Hate Me Now: Billboard Music Awards is the best event in history and I should die

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten truly quality material to work with, but Hate Me Now is back thanks in part to my fault, but mostly due to fandoms being fandoms.







To be clear, the thing that started all this was my mistake. I saw the stuff being hyped up, figured it was the eleventy billionth time a Western outlet was using K-pop and K-pop fandoms for clicks or publicity (well, the general point of the award is still that, but whatever) and posted it up without doing the research. Laziness gets us all.

I did find these tweets kind of amusing, though. I mean who could’ve predicted that BTS stans would go insane over this after his previous encounters with them doing exactly that before? Nobody, surely.


It’s cool.

Anyway, all criticism I take for getting the information about how the nominations are handed out is valid, but of course the main outcome of this was actually that I am now a BTS anti because I don’t think the Billboard Music Awards are relevant or important. Hell yes.


Honestly, there were literally hundreds of replies, so I’ll pick representative ones.

I hadn’t thought of writing about this initially until somebody reminded me of this feature, so I lost all the variations of “go kill yourself”, but this will do.

This was a common opinion that I found ironic. Wake the fuck up? They’re making the craziest fandoms vote for an award. Billboard could easily just give the award to the top artist, but they make it a fandom voting award between finalists, why do you think that is? Why do you think they do that Fan Army Bracket? For research? No, of course they want to monetize fans and generate hype.

How is this even debatable? It’s utterly transparent and I don’t blame Billboard for doing it since most fans are apparently too dumb to even realize it.

If the Hallyu Wave has shown nothing else to us, it’s that Korea will mediaplay goddamn anything. That ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces‘ list is STILL used on variety shows and in articles despite people already realizing it’s done by just some random dude. Does that make it important because the Korean media covers it? Congrats to those who get to use it, just like congrats to BTS who get to use Billboard, but no.

I don’t understand the logic behind this.

The Billboard Music Awards started in 1990, but went dormant of four years and nobody cared, then started back up again in 2011. How is it even remotely controversial to suggest that maybe a music award that can go away without anybody particularly caring is not relevant? Much less all of this being about a “social” award that is going to be handed out by fan voting.

You can see the inherent insecurity and projection in tweets like this. That automatic assumption is that anybody who doesn’t care about something BTS did obviously stans somebody else or is trying to bring BTS down. Paranoia is real.

I realize most of these people don’t read the site and aren’t familiar with it, but no, I’ve never cared for awards shows basically across the board. My faves have won awards before, and I find it just as pointless.

Awards are given out for an industry circlejerk and as a tools for marketing. Even awards that are actually considered prestigious like the Oscars have more to do with behind-the-scenes maneuvering and money than merit. That’s why they have to run campaigns and it’s completely normal.


Like this: “The Billboard Music Awards nominations are meaningless. Furthermore, the Billboard Music Awards themselves are irrelevant.

What? Oh shit, a writer employed by Billboard disputes that and defends his company? Oh wow, argument over then.

This is one of the best tweets, honestly. It’s the fact that I know Billboard that I know their award show isn’t taken seriously, whereas K-pop stans will go around pretending their faves just got nominated for the Grammys, or when an article is written about their fave by the site they’ll use it as evidence of relevance overseas.

The amazing part about this is how Billboard not only managed to get fandoms to give them clicks, but have also now managed to get them to prop up the importance of the event and defend the site to anybody who thinks otherwise. The amount of “Why would glorious Western publications use muh K-pop oppars/unnirs for clicks? Idiot!” replies I’m getting is hilarious. The sheer naivety is impressive.

I have a new respect for Jeff Benjamin and Billboard, though, for real.

No shame in the hustle. I feel you. Take advantage of the dumbasses, that’s what they’re good for. I would do the same.


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