BTOB’s Minhyuk’s alleged ex disputes Cube’s statement, says it was his one-sided love

The alleged ex-girlfriend of BTOB member Minhyuk recently posted a message on Instagram that was a response to Cube Entertainment‘s explanation of Minhyuk’s explanation on what happened when he tried to slide into the DMs of his alleged ex.


I feel there is a big misunderstanding so I’m posting this.

Both the party involved and their agency have apologized to me, and told me to wait after they told me they would take measures, but they never contacted me back. I was shocked to see an article referring to my story as an ‘ex-girlfriend’s fake explanation’, and so I’m being extra cautious writing this. He even called me to tell me that he’ll edit his post to explain that none of it was true and that it was a one-sided relationship.

I am an average woman in my 20s, and I don’t know if it’s right for me to write something like this, but after reading the articles and comments, my boyfriend and I are mostly receiving the criticism, so I decided that we can’t just sit still like this.

I met him through an acquaintance 5 years ago and we contacted each other a few times, but our friends never thought we could be dating. Despite this, he expressed my relationship to him as an ‘ex-girlfriend’ so I denied that. And in regards to the DM he sent me, I didn’t show it to my boyfriend, but my boyfriend saw it while he was playing a game on my phone. I was taken aback at how he DMed me, and my boyfriend had seen Minhyuk’s comment on one of my other SNS accounts, so he messaged him there but never got a reply so he begrudgingly let it go.

But he sent another DM so my boyfriend got pissed off at how he contacted me when my Instagram account obviously shows that I’m in a relationship because of my photos and profile. So my boyfriend DM’d him back on my account and his own account but never got a reply, so we left a comment. I admit that my boyfriend and I shouldn’t have left a comment on Minhyuk’s Instagram, but we did receive an apology. He also explained to my boyfriend that he saw a banker who looked like me and even had the same last name, so he DM’d me to ask if there was someone in my family who fit the description, and also told him that this won’t happen again.

Suddenly, we saw articles about how he referred to me as an ex-girlfriend and that he thought it was foolish of him to approach a past lover and that he didn’t know I had a boyfriend, so my boyfriend and I were completely dumbfounded.

Since that article got published, his fans have been sending curses and rude DMs, and so I feel that our normal lives are now being negatively affected after being contacted by him. It could be a big or small issue depending on how you look at it, but as of now, I’m really hurt and I don’t want to continue giving each other scars, so I’m writing this in hopes of solving the misunderstandings. There’s nothing else to talk about and there’s no reason to lie, so just accept it as something that happened and I won’t worry about this anymore.


I don’t understand why she’s being attacked, honestly. By Minhyuk and Cube’s own admission, she was just minding her own damn business when he tried to slide into her DMs for whatever reason.

Furthermore, in their statement, Cube did call her a liar for saying she was not Minhyuk’s ex. Well, through her post she refuted those allegations, claiming that both Minhyuk and Cube contacted her and apologized, adding that Minhyuk even said he would explain it was a one-sided love on his part. What she says happened was that her and Minhyuk met up a few times five years ago, but nobody thought it was a relationship, and it ended as him crushing on her. Furthermore, and this is kind of important to the people flipping out at them, she says that her boyfriend did try to contact him privately, but he kept sliding into her DMs, which led to the outburst.

To me, the thing about this is I can see the incentive for Minhyuk and Cube to fudge the details a bit and try to drown her voice out by using their power, but I can’t see any reason she would make all this up since none of this gets out if Minhyuk doesn’t initiate it. Like she didn’t ask for any of this, so why is she getting dragged?

The alleged ex sums it up herself at the end: “There’s nothing else to talk about and there’s no reason to lie, so just accept it as something that happened and I won’t worry about this anymore.

Can’t say I disagree.


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