NU’EST’s Minhyun didn’t steal a bike like he said he did, says former classmate & teacher

In perhaps one of the oddest K-pop stories, a former classmate and a former teacher are now defending NU’EST‘s Minhyun against his own admission that he stole a bike, sold it, and later the police came looking for him. Basically, they are saying he tried to make something up to be entertaining on radio and the event as he told it was an exaggerated account of what happened.

Minhyun’s friend clarifies that instead of stealing bikes off the racks or something, they took broken bikes to sell to the junkyard.

Meanwhile, Minhyun’s middle school teacher took to Facebook to clarify the situation as well.

“I am Hwang Minhyun’s 9th-grade homeroom teacher, and I guided Hwang Minhyun in 7th and 8th grade as well. Currently, I am still working at the same school. There have been several news reports on Hwang Minhyun’s bicycle theft story. To summarize, the story Hwang Minhyun told on the radio was exaggerated. I believe he told that story because radio programs require some exaggeration on impactful stories that highlight a new experience. I watched him grow for 3 years in middle school, but from what I know, that never happened. After having watched him for 3 years and staying with him for 1 year as a homeroom teacher, he spent his middle school days diligently and beautifully. I’m writing this to share the truth to all those supporting and believing in Hwang Minhyun, as he is suffering emotionally from the spread of false information. There are probably people who think I’m writing this because Hwang Minhyun contacted me somehow. But, after he graduated middle school, I haven’t been in touch with him until now for various reasons such as busy schedules and changed phone numbers. I’m only watching my student live his life through the internet and broadcast television. I’d like to remind all those reading this post. Hwang Minhyun never stole anything while he was in middle school, he enjoyed his middle school life as a regular student. Anyone who attended school with him at the time or worked at the school will agree with this fact.”

I mean it’s possible they are covering for him or something, but there seems to be little incentive on their part, and it’s definitely believable that he took an event that happened and fudged a bit to try to be entertaining for a radio program.

The self-sabotage is real.

So … in conclusion, Minhyun is probably the first K-pop idol to lie about committing a crime for street cred. People faking being iljins now to get into the exclusive club, man.


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