Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon kills with a rock cover of Bruno Mars’ “Treasure”

Dreamcatcher‘s special clips have always been interesting, not only because they showcase their ability, but also because they’re a lot of fun. However, Siyeon‘s cover of Bruno Mars‘ “Treasure” might be their best yet, as it not so much a cover as a rock reinvention of the song.

As an aside, Siyeon is interesting to me. Initially, I only knew Sua out of the group for, uh, reasons … but when I was learning about the rest of the members, Siyeon stood out. It’s a bit odd cause in stills, her visual can be almost scary and she definitely doesn’t fit into the photogenic Korean idol norm. But in motion, she was the one who stood out every time due to the sharper features and just her general energy and confidence. Siyeon showcases as much in this clip.


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