Jang Moonbok gets told to “fuck off” & “die” by disgusting ‘Produce 101’ fans

Disgusting monsters are aiming to have Jang Moonbok relive his bullying, with people shouting at him to “fuck off” and “die” at a recent recording for ‘Broduce 101‘.

There was a hidden mission recording for the trainees at Sangam but the schedule info got leaked so a bunch of fans were gathered. Some trainees were driving by with their windows up but Jang Moon Bok had his window down and was waving to fans as he passed us. One fan of another trainee shouted loudly at him, ‘Scew off f*ck’ which was caught on a fancam. It’s not in the video but someone else also shouted at him to ‘die’. And whenever a fan said they were Jang Moon Bok’s fan, the other fans would make fun of them on their Twitters and laugh at their faces….”

Korean and international netizens recently fingerblasted themselves over how much more amazing female fans are compared to male fans (the demographics are like 80%/20%, no shit you have more influence, but I digress), specifically in regards to ‘Broduce 101’, so … they’re also going to claim byproducts of that so-called “dedication” and “passion”, right? Nah? Ok.

*Whispers* Male and female fans both do shitty things because humans do shitty things.


The funny thing is that he is better supported in Korea than he is internationally, and yet this still happens because the backlash against him is immense. I understand if people don’t want to vote for him for whatever reason, but I honestly don’t see a reason to hate him. What has he done besides get popular because of past hate? This is fucking ridiculous.

People pretend like they don’t like him cause they’re about “talent” or whatever, but like half of the Top 11 right now aren’t “talented” and a lot of them are just getting love for their visuals. If JMB was to their taste and they could rub their clits to him, he would be getting the same amount of criticism as other top trainees there for their visuals — “Oh god, so bad, but he’s so hot.” or “I can’t excuse this, but I love him anyway.” So miss JMB with that bullshit.

Since that’s the case with others, why can’t Jang Moonbok get in for reasons other than “talent” as well?


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