Hani turns ‘Secretly Greatly’ prank by EXID into ‘Hani’s Image Upgrade Power Hour’

LE, Junghwa, and Hyerin of EXID decided to link up to prank Hani on ‘Secretly Greatly‘, but everything that happened only results in Hani coming up aces.

Hani is told that she’s appearing on a variety show, and as a mission she’s supposed to assist two people on a blind date in a restaurant. As she tries to assist them taking a picture together while making a heart, the guy snatches his own wig.

Hani does the only thing she can to help, which is try to shield the woman’s eyes from the dude’s bald head.

Later, Hani proceeds to showcase her linguistic versatility, taking orders from foreign customers.

Only to find out that she’s been trolled by them.

Hani was told the purpose of the variety show was that if they completed their missions, they would give ~$9000 to a scholarship for students in need. As she went last, Hani was given all the money, and after she did her mission she returned to find the money missing.

Instead of freaking out, Hani said to prepare an IOU of sorts for the delivery, and then had the bright idea of just playing the footage back to find out how it went missing (something that almost pranked the producers). In the end, she offers to cover it herself with her own credit card.

Queen of charity.


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