EXO stans are trying to get Billboard’s Jeff Benjamin fired because they’re mad about BTS

Recently I was made aware of a campaign by EXO stans to get Jeff Benjamin of Billboard fired from his job. Why? Cause he likes BTS too much, basically.

And so, in order to accomplish their goal, they are encouraging EXO stans to basically harass Billboard’s customer service or whatever.




There is zero issue in anything he wrote in the “evidence” they cite. If anything, this is an incredible self-own that shows Jeff correcting their assumptions (I have experience in that) and trying to deal with what are quite obviously presssed morons popping off at him. Like the evidence that he’s “clearly” biased is a tweet promoting his own fucking interview and a tweet thanking the people that gave him the said interview.



So that’s them encouraging others to harass Billboard to fire Jeff, but here’s a user’s actual submission that reads like a manifesto (1/2/3).

So they want him fired for allegedly being biased against EXO and for BTS, not covering other K-pop artists, cyberbullying a user by replying to her (not quote tweeting, AHEM), giving a popular album a poor review, misspelling EXO-CBX, for being “disrespectful” to groups that are “highly superior” to BTS, and finally they accuse him of being on the take from companies. The “evidence” provided, which is sparse as hell, shows basically none of this. It’s sad, really.

EXO stans are a mess for this shit.

Normally I would laugh this off, but in this day and age when companies are more concerned about the volume of complaints than their validity, this is an absolutely fucked way to deal with whatever problems they have with Jeff. They want to cost a man his job because they are fucking pressed over K-pop and over a fanwar within K-pop.

Kids, get a fucking grip and a life.


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