Iron now denies hitting his ex, plans to have different ex testify for … reasons

Iron was in court on April 18, accused of two incidents of assault against an ex-girlfriend. Initially, his explanation was that she requested to be beaten as a kink for the first incident and that the second incident was self defense. However, soon after that bit of journalistic malpractice was published by the Korean media and translated by the international media (effectively outing her identity), the alleged victim’s current boyfriend spoke up and refuted Iron’s narrative and dropped receipts of Iron’s sister apologizing for Iron. Then the alleged victim released a statement of her own, saying that she never asked Iron to hit her and that she never hit Iron.

Well, the latest is that Iron has now apparently changed his tune, denying that he hit his ex-girlfriend and citing ‘karma’ for whatever reason.

“It’s all karma. I never hit my ex-girlfriend. I requested for a witness today, and the truth will be revealed in the next public hearing through the interrogations.”

Apparently the defense’s trump card in this is another ex-girlfriend of Iron that will testify as a witness.

According to Iron’s legal representative, Choi Ji Woo, a different ex-girlfriend of Iron’s will be attending the next court trials as a witness and will be supporting Iron’s claims that he never assaulted anyone.

I don’t understand. She can testify that Iron never beat her, but how can she possibly claim that Iron has NEVER assaulted anybody?

Anyway, where I’m at right now is that unless Iron’s side is gonna prove that conversation between the alleged victim and Iron’s sister was fabricated, dude should rot.


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