KARD do random play dance, cover “Side To Side” & “I Won’t Stop”, more

KARD recently started their ‘WILD KARD PARTY‘ in North America, bringing their act to Vancouver, and thankfully fancams have been released. Much has been made about them only having three songs, which is understandable, but it only made sense the rest of the time would be filled with covers and stuff.

So aside from their songs, the special stages were something of note and were a lot of fun.


“Side To Side”

“The Way” – Somin & BM

“Bitch Better Have My Money” – Jiwoo & J.Seph

“I Won’t Stop” – ZAM Cover

Random Play Dance


The visuals are honestly ridiculous and the show looks like a lot of fun.

Catch the rest of their tour if you have the chance, which is something I’m saying as I’m only partially certain that Asian Junkie will be at one of these events.



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