KASPER & Jucy (ex-EvoL) are in some kind of diss war before ‘SMTM6’ starts

With ‘Show Me The Money 6‘ coming up, two female rappers are beefing with each other through a trio of diss tracks, with Jucy (formerly of EvoL) on one side and ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ alum KASPER on the other.

This all started sort of out of the blue over a week ago, with Jucy dropping “I Really Hate KASPER” (tell us how you really feel) on Soundcloud.


Even seeing your face makes me want to rip it apart,
Stop pretending to be cute, you zombie bitch, you’re sickening,
I looked forward to confronting you but pfft,
If you see me at ‘Show Me’ call me out, Lee Serin, this bitch is,
A bitch who doesn’t know the first thing about rhythm (retard),
Your hobby is taking selfies, like an immature tryhard hella sad (retard),
Shaving your face down, getting jaw surgery but you’re still short and your head hella big,
But your lyrics say you’re prettier than an idol?
You wish you were an idol, you put faith not in skills but looks,
Acted like Kisum’s lackey and scored a deal with Mnet then got into ‘Unpretty’,
Leaving your company for a new one as soon as you got on screen like a sly bitch,
Now tell me about the Triple Round Show,
The spot that you stole from me — I already had a contract,
You already heard from Han Gyu, right? That I hate you a whole lot,
Poor bitch that got her man stolen by my friend,
A bitch you just can’t like,
A bitch who just can’t rap,
You already knew,
That I’d diss you one of these days,
Your personality and name dropping is real obvious, fuck you.



A day later, KASPER responded with “Kk“.


Jun Hee, wake up, I said wake up,
Putting up a diss before going on TV stopped being trendy a while ago,
It’s an out of touch, failed project idol’s transparent confession,
Most people wanted me to respond to you via rap despite it being demeaning,
It’s beneath me but I guess you’re alright to play with just once,
If you have time to worry about lackeys use it to fix your broken future,
I make enough to get by but what are you gonna do stepping to me, bitch,
After seeing my lyrics you only focused on the idol part,
Bullshitting about my looks only proves you’re low level shit,
God damn I was wondering when you were gonna yap about my name dropping,
I think you just don’t have any friends,
If you did you wouldn’t have been in the industry this long without putting out a track,
Either you’re lazy as hell or you have nobody to work with from what I see,
Speaking of friends, what did you say about a man?
It isn’t stealing if someone picks up what I throw away,
Some things aren’t meant to be said, but you said it, a front put on by a linguistic retard,
I never learned Korean but my lyrics are something you should take lessons from,
Triple triple round, wow when was that again?
If I had known you were part of it I would have asked for more money,
Oh I hear you did a whole lot of prelim meetings for ‘Unpretty’,
You wanted to do it so freaking bad,
Then you got cut and now you’re getting on my case,
Just rap from inside your house,
You may not want to see my face but my two ears curse your voice,
I sincerely advise you to quit rap for your own good,
Why not go into dressing up instead? Lame Japanese cosplay seems to be your calling.

Note: The skit at the end is KASPER pretending she’s a teacher for an English-language class and instructing Jucy on how to pronounce “bitch” correctly.

Jucy then came back with “Washing Machine“.


You’re a next level tryhard, I had fun listening, I’m gonna stretch,
Clean out my ears but you’re still a child,
Hearing that I’m bullshitting from a incurable bullshitter,
Are you getting treatment for that chronic condition?
When I see your clip for ‘Show Me’,
All I hear is one word: fangirl,
You don’t even need me, you diss yourself,
KASPER on YouTube thought it was another makeup tutorial,
This is it for the response and what I really wanna say is,
Let’s spit some truths now,
The hairs blocking your conscience is 100 times the hair you have on your head,
It’s about time for a Brazilian wax,
Say it in front of everyone with your own trap,
The age on your ID is 95,
Changed your name from *Alan when you changed your face,
Can’t help but have my skin crawl when I see that face of yours,
After you listen to this phone Kisum,
Tell her you’ll call her older sis properly,
So please don’t ditch me,
Call yourself a rapper but turns out you’re a pro actor,
I learned that a real rapper only tells the truth,
You’re fake and insubstantial, you say you’re born in ’93,
So let’s be friends,
Like you did on the DM you sent me two years ago,
I’ve never had anything stain my conscience,
Your way of collecting people,
Requires so much planning, how do you sleep at night?
Sweet dreams, now “wack” is your rep and your hashtag.

*Referencing Alan Kasper, IP expert involved in the Apple/Samsung case.


And that’s where we stand now.

As far as who’s winning, it’s probably KASPER for shutting down every point Jucy brought up and then not even bothering to respond to the same stuff from Jucy in the reply. But really, Jucy benefits from just getting a response and maybe airtime on ‘Show Me The Money 6’ for this, sort of like Tymee and Jolly V.


Thanks to CaratClara for help with the translations.


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