Ha Min Ho exits ‘Produce 101’ following accusations of harassment, bullying, more

Ha Min Ho, a contestant on ‘Broduce 101‘, has been kicked off the show and booted from his company after allegedly sliding into the DMs of high school students for sex, verbally harassing, sexually harassing, and sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend, and being a bully.


It started with Ha Min Ho allegedly getting in contact with fans of his in high school, presumably for sex. A bunch of message exchanges were provided as evidence.

Ha Min Ho (henceforth “H”): No, you’ll be able to do it! Fighting!
Fan: (henceforth “F”): You too T_T What are you doing today
H: I’m resting at home and working [on music] at night. I want to bring someone home. I wonder if there’s anyone who wants to come.

H: I’m not doing anything. Are you going to come?
F: Should I go? Haha, but what are we going to do?
H: Umm. It’s a bit dangerous because it’s at my house. If you don’t want anything like that, you might be better off not coming!
F: Then going to your house is a bit [too much]. Can we meet later outside?
H: Umm, if I meet anyone outside, I’ll get caught. Yesterday, [I met] Dojoon and Sunjae…

H: “Hahaha
“Ugh this is hard to explain
“So you’re saying
“It’s okay as long as that part of me doesn’t go into you, right”

H: I’ll treat you well like something expensive
F: You can definitely talk really well
H: That’s how you get someone pretty
F: You probably have lots of pretty girls around you
H: You asked for my hand so I gave it to you. Can’t you allow me your lips? Why does it matter that there are a lot them around me
F: I’m really not pretty

Damn, bro.

This is my new pickup line: “It’s okay as long as that part of me doesn’t go into you, right?

If trying to mack on high school chicks wasn’t enough, he also changed his account name to Yoo Seon Ho, which people interpreted as him trying to put the blame for all this on another ‘Broduce 101’ contestant.

Ha Min Ho changed his account name from “Haro” to “Yoo Seon Ho” before deleting the account. This action is receiving criticism for possibly being an attempt to put the guilt on Yoo Seon Ho, who is another trainee on “Produce 101 Season 2.”



Later, an ex-girlfriend came forward to say she was sexually and verbally harassed by him, and that he was just a big ol’ bully.

“I am someone who was sexually harassed, verbally harassed, and bullied by Ha Min Ho during our second year of middle school. I went to Seoun Middle School, and I dated Ha Min Ho at that time. He was influential at school and had the power to harass anyone at his will. Purposefully bullying and singling people out through Cyworld (Korean blog site) wasn’t a big deal to him, and he carried things too far with the dirty jokes in a boys-only chatroom. The whole time I was dating him, he always told me, ‘let’s meet after school in an empty classroom,’ and everyone knew that those words meant that he would force kisses on me and touch me in unwanted ways. So when I broke up with him because of his excessive requests, I had to hear the never-ending whispers about me being a slut when I walked down the hall. You may think that what I went through wasn’t much, but there are countless people who have experienced the same sexual harassment and bullying. We were unable to say anything because we had no evidence (Ha Min Ho himself deleted the Cyworld, Facebook, Kakao Story accounts with the evidence in it). His friends from middle school are using this fact to renew his image and keep anyone from speaking up. If any other victims see this post, I ask them to please bring to light more evidence, and if Ha Min Ho sees this post, I ask him to sincerely apologize to the victims and step down from the program.”

“Because of Ha Min Ho, I even considered suicide. I never got an apology, and because of this trauma, I was unable to go to a co-ed high school. Normal daily life became impossible for me, and I got so desensitized to sexual harassment that I had problems realizing that it was happening to me. Because of this, I feel let down and nauseous that he is being consumed as a character that calls for sympathy in ‘Produce 101.’ The program’s main consumers are female, and I know that the trainees debut based on viewer votes. I am writing this in hopes that people will realize how powerless it makes me feel to see him use his power as a male to hide his misdeeds and trick the viewers in order to debut.”

Really that’s sexual assault she’s accusing him of.

Even though the ex admits there’s no evidence left, THEVIBE LABEL basically copped to it by apologizing, cutting him from their company, and withdrawing him from the show.

“Hello, this is THEVIBE LABEL. We are delivering our official stance regarding Ha Min Ho who is currently a trainee on ‘Produce 101 Season 2.’ First, we would like to apologize to everyone who has loved and supported ‘Produce 101 Season 2,’ the trainees on the show, and the production staff. Also, we sincerely apologize to everyone who was hurt because of Ha Min Ho. After discussing the matter with Ha Min Ho, we have decided that he will be leaving ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ and his contract with our company will be terminated. Ha Min Ho is deeply reflecting on the scandal he has created as a trainee. As for changing his name to ‘Yoo Seon Ho’ and leaving, it was not to target Cube trainee Yoo Seon Ho, but a misunderstanding caused by joking with friends. THEVIBE LABEL will do our best to make sure another accident like this doesn’t happen again and manage our trainees (Kim Tae Dong, Sung Hyun Woo). Once again, we apologize to everyone who was hurt because of this. Thank you.”

Ha Min Ho has yet to personally say anything, but it seems telling that the only thing the company denied is that he was trying to impersonate Yoo Seon Ho.

A mess.


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