Crayon Pop’s Soyul & Moon Hee Jun are having a baby that’s due this week

Crayon Pop‘s Soyul is giving birth THIS WEEK to Moon Hee Jun‘s kid, which is certainly something.

On May 8, Moon Hee Jun’s agency Koen Stars announced, “Moon Hee Jun’s wife Soyul is currently in the final stages of pregnancy. She is scheduled to give birth this week.”

It’s … uh, remarkable that she was like six months pregnant at the time of their wedding and didn’t much look like it at all.

Initially, I think basically all of us assumed that she was pregnant and it was a shotgun marriage, though perhaps giving the benefit of the doubt that was in addition to her panic disorder (or maybe because of it).

However, Chrome Entertainment and Soyul herself repeatedly denied the charge and seemed rather adamant about it, so even I figured surely they can’t be so dumb to deny this when the truth would eventually be revealed anyway, right? RIGHT? No, as it turns out, they were actually that dumb and they just basically lied to everybody for … I mean I don’t understand to what end.

Either way, under the assumption that everything was a lie, this essentially kills Crayon Pop (beyond the fact that it was already basically dead) for realzies and Soyul has some explaining to do in terms of the shit she was saying to fans. It’s a bizarre set of decisions, which appropriately mirrors Chrome’s bizarre treatment of Crayon Pop for years.



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