PSY shows he still has ‘it’ with fun & cheeky “I Luv It”

I Luv It” is another one of PSY‘s title tracks from his ‘2X4=8‘ album, along with “New Face“. While I found “New Face” surprisingly meh, I thought “I Luv It” was a lot closer to his formula for success.

From the start, “I Luv It” was an appealing dance track thanks to the almost odd-sounding instrumental, and the verses standout thanks to PSY getting the attitude back in his delivery and making is quintessentially his. Unlike the rather perfunctory “New Face”, this stood out thanks to little things like in the pre-chorus pun that makes it sound like he’s saying “shibal” over and over, all done with a straight face.

The only thing holding it back from being one of his best is the hook, as the instrumental and the repeating “I love it” over and over wasn’t done in a way that was as catchy as it should’ve been. But that wasn’t a huge detriment to the overall experience, which was a lot of fun, and that’s basically the end goal of every PSY release.

And because he’s PSY, he can get whoever he wants in his music videos, like Lee Byung Hun or even Piko Taro.

While “I Luv It” falls short of some of his musical best, I did feel like it showed that PSY still got “it”. Most importantly, the release was back to being entertaining with little details that made all the difference, and in the end being entertained is the most important thing one should take away from a PSY release.



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Thot Leader™