Somi’s dad says her sister is 10 times more talented, plastic pants praise now makes sense

On the same show (‘Video Star‘) that Somi‘s dad, Matthew Douma, said that JYP‘s plastic pants were genius, he also shilled for his other daughter Evelyn, saying that she’s like a trillion times better than Somi.

When he was asked about Evelyn, Matthew expressed that she was growing up to become even more talented than Somi, in that she was learning his teachings much faster than her. “If Somi’s talent rating is 5, then Evelyn’s is more than just a 10 or a 20. She’s almost 10 times more talented than Somi. These days I’ve been teaching how to take photos with Evelyn, but she picked it up much faster than Somi did.”

Now I see the long game.

The plastic pants quote was the sacrifice made to ensure JYP makes the sister an idol as well.


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