HyunA’s dad seems like a cool dude & HyunA likes getting physical with girls

HyunA recently talked about her charity sub-unit Triple H, and in the midst of her interview, she basically revealed that her dad is chill and she likes getting physical with girls.

Q. There many idols who cross the line between singing and acting, though.
Hyuna: My father dreamed of becoming an actor, and that’s why he made me take auditions to be an actress when I was young. But I failed about 50 auditions, haha. People say I’m really talented, but I’m not. I just could improve my ability thanks to my father and agency, and I’m still trying to learn. My father is the one who always supports me. When I caught in a controversy, he doesn’t worry about it or try to console me. Instead, he just says “That’s my girl. She did so great that many people speak ill of you”.

I remember before netizens realized that HyunA basically is chill despite her image, they would always go on and on about how her parents must be humiliated by her sexy image and all that concern trolling shit.


Most importantly, though, is this snippet about liking physical contact with girls.

Q. Triple H’s music video is caught in a controversy because it has some suggestive scenes.
Hyuna: Well, I just tried not to be nervous, and I wanted to express what the director wanted. I wanted to try something new. Actually, I don’t like being physically affectionate. I like to have physical contact with girls. Anyway, I’ll try to calm the controversy by showing great performance on stage.

Sooooo … she can make this her next concept, right?

I, uh, always support her in achieving her dreams!


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